A Telemedicine Visit Offers Convenience and Comfort

The experience of the coronavirus pandemic changes many aspects of life. 

While it’s uncertain how many of these changes may become permanent parts of our culture, remote access to health care — called telemedicine — was trending even before social distance measures brought it to the forefront.

The ability to connect with a doctor by telephone or video call serves as an effective way to screen an illness for both you and the medical practice, particularly in cases where you’re unsure if your condition warrants an office visit. 

For a practice like Saravit Wellness, one that focuses on orthopedic health through nutrition and biologics, telemedicine provides an effective and efficient way to consult and support your way to optimum health.

Convenience and comfort

Imagine a doctor’s appointment without a commute to a medical office. Add to that the freedom from well-thumbed waiting room magazines. 

Telemedicine means you now have access to your doctor’s knowledge, opinions, and expertise from the comfort of your choice of location, without time lost getting to the practice or waiting for the patients ahead of you.

Similarly, your physician has better time management opportunities. When follow-up can occur in a five-minute telemedicine visit, both you and your doctor benefit from continuity of care. Medical appointments become less of an ordeal and blend seamlessly into your daily routine.

Supporting wellness

Siatta B. Dunbar, DO, and our team at Saravit Wellness believe in a lifestyle approach to wellness. For many people, the keystones to good health are attainable through attention to:

Nutrition Exercise Stress reduction Adequate sleep

The food choices you make, including quality, quantity, and preparation, have an enormous effect on your health. Yet when you need to make changes to your diet, you’re often left on your own with general guidelines and little support.

Dr. Dunbar believes the advantages that telemedicine offers present her with the opportunity for a more active role as a coach in our patients’ lives. 

Say you’re struggling with some aspect of your healthy diet. Instead of waiting for months to follow up, you could schedule a coaching call with Dr. Dunbar in weeks instead, without taking hours out of your day.

What is telemedicine?

Why is telemedicine called that, rather than simply a “phone call”? In the internet age, and with the widespread use of smartphones, there’s now a technology base that supports contact beyond a simple voice call. 

Digital transmission of photos and video sometimes aids diagnosis, an opportunity that’s not easy to duplicate with traditional landline telephones.

Beyond that, though, there are support requirements necessary to streamline the telemedicine process, including measures to protect the privacy of your confidential medical records and to support payments for telemedicine services. 

While telemedicine can’t replace all in-person doctor visits, it’s a concept that saves time for all involved, better allotting Dr. Dunbar’s time so she can provide in-depth and personalized care with better accuracy.

Contact us at Saravit Wellness in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by phone or online to learn more about how telemedicine can help you achieve your best health. Dr. Dunbar and the rest of our team are standing by, so book your consultation now.

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