Saravit Wellness, led by Dr. Dunbar, works to find and reverse the underlying cause of your low energy, weight gain, poor sleep and chronic disease while also equipping you with the tools and healthy habits to maintain the success you have achieved. We are person-focused and community driven - offering individual, group and corporate wellness coaching. Saravit Wellness's group coaching brings clients together for support, encouragement, to share and express feelings and experiences during your health journey. Teamwork makes the dream work and Saravit Wellness knows how effective it is when people come together as a whole, as a team.

Dr. Dunbar is a physician, health coach, weight loss expert, and author whose goal is to help her clients write a new life story. Her health coaching expertise focuses on four main pillars for achieving optimal health and wellness. These pillars are: clean nutrition, healthy motion, stress reduction and restorative sleep. Saravit Wellness is built off of teamwork, community and the importance of relationship forming. This is why Dr. Dunbar and her team of health coaches work continuously with her clients every step of the way, offering a multitude of resources so you never feel alone. She has authority from a medical standpoint and integrates her medical knowledge and expertise to all the coaching that she and her team delivers.

Dr. Dunbar is a board certified family physician; has fellowship training in sports medicine and is a proud member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

In her own health journey she has learned that to truly “heal” she needs to focus on the root cause of her client’s concerns in addition to their symptoms. This marriage of all her skills has culminated in a practice that provides physician led personal coach to achieve optimal health and wellness.

If you have non-spine musculoskeletal pain and you have tried physical therapy, medications and cortisone injections without improvement in your pain and function then schedule a consultation.

If you are looking to lose weight and start a new health journey, then schedule a consultation.

If you don’t need to lose weight but want to learn how nutrition and healthy habits can help you have a life of health and wellness, then schedule a consultation.

Recipient of the Community Physician of the Year Award, 2018

Dr. Dunbar was recognized as a Rising Star by Top Doctors in 2017