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Cell Based Therapy

Dr. Dunbar firmly believes in autologous cell based therapies and integrates new and emerging options to help control the symptoms that arise from chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries.


What are cell based therapies?

There is increasing research and evidence that natural occurring autologous cells in blood and fat can help control pain and inflammation from acute and chronic injuries.


When conventional options have failed (rest, activity modification, physical therapy and cortisone injections) and you’re either not interested in or are not a surgical candidate - then you may want to consider autologous cell based therapy.


What conditions can be treated?

There is mounting scientific research utilizing autologous cell based therapy to treat pain and improve your function related to the following conditions.


Can autologous cell based therapies be injected with ultrasound guidance?

Yes, and in fact Dr. Dunbar recommendations ultrasound guided injections for two main reasons: when Dr. Dunbar uses ultrasound to guide her to the proper injection site, she can target the autologous blood or minimally manipulated fat derived cells what greater accuracy.


How should I prepare for an autologous cell based injection?

There are a variety of things you should and shouldn’t do leading up to a cell based injection.


If you want to discuss your options and if you are a candidate for autologous cell based therapy to help with pain and improve your fun action from chronic or acute musculoskeletal injuries then book a consultation with Dr. Dunbar.

Dr. Siatta Dunbar

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