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Hot off the press - a single PRP injection is more effective than cortisone for hip tendinitis.

Hip bursitis is a common complaint which is due to inflammation in a sac called a bursea - ie bursitis. The trochanteric bursa, located on the outside of the hip joint can get inflamed for many reasons - trauma, hip weakness or overuse. The initial management of hip tendonitis and bursitis is to modify the aggravating activities, use anti-inflammatory medication, icing and physical therapy. If pain continues or prevents your ability to progress with physical therapy a cortisone injection can be done into the bursea. This will usually help your pain temporarily but generally does not completely take care of the tendonitis. 

With the recently published paper in the American Journal of Sports Medicine ( a total of 80 patients were enrolled who had pain for at least 14 months. Patients either received a cortisone or platelet rich plasma injection (PRP) and their pain was monitored at 2, 6, and 12 weeks after the injection. There was no change in each group's pain at 2 and 6 weeks. However, there was a significant improvement in pain and function with the PRP group at 12 weeks. 

While research continues in the use and effectiveness of biologics in orthopedic injuries, this study shows that a single PRP injection is better in controlling pain and increasing function for hip tendonitis and bursitis.

Read more about what Dr. Dunbar has to say about PRP here: What is PRP and can it help my pain?

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Dr. Siatta Dunbar

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