Filling Your Jar

Filling Your JarIn a video called The Jar of Life, a psychology professor uses rocks, pebbles, and sand to fill a jar and demonstrate the importance of recognizing and setting priorities right to living a fulfilled life.

The rocks represent the most important aspects of your life such as spending time with your family and maintaining your health. This means that if all the pebbles and sand were lost your jar would still be full and have meaning. The pebbles are equivalent to the things that matter in our life but are not permanent or essential to our overall well-being. The sand is smaller things such as running errands or going out to eat and though enjoyable and meaningful at times, are fleeting and do not mean as much in the long run.

To have a fulfilling life, pay attention to the rocks as they are important in your long-term happiness. By placing the rocks first, you will always feel centered and taken care of and still have plenty of space left for pebbles and sand.

Picking Rocks

We hope this example has motivated you to recenter your life and focus on your rocks. We have a few rocks of our own we’d like to share so that you can add them to your jar and live your life to the fullest. We would like to focus on your health!

Eating Healthy

A well-balanced diet isn’t always what you are eating but how you are eating. We recommend the one plate rule, eat a plate, and drink a glass of water, if you are still hungry in 30 minutes then consider another helping. Remember that eating is not something just to do, so avoid eating when you feel bored or stressed. Instead, eat mindfully with small bites and listen to your hunger cues.

Exercising Regularly

Getting physical has benefits for both your mind and body. Regular activity helps you to maintain weight, reduce your risk of diseases, lowers stress levels, and improves your mood. We don’t expect you to spend hours at the gym, but instead make small changes that get you moving daily. Take morning or evening walks, opt for the stairs now and then, spend time outside enjoying the weather, go dancing, or explore the wilderness with a short hike.

Healthy Perspectives

Surround yourself with positive energy and carry it with you. Choose to be forgiving of shortcomings and incidents whether from others or yourself. The physical burden of feeling hurt can take a toll on your body and release negative energy that can impact your day-to-day life. With forgiveness, patience, humility, and grace you can live in harmony with your surroundings and always step forward with sure footing.

Sleeping Restoratively

Sleep is important to maintain good health and overall wellbeing as it allows your body to heal and replenish itself as you rest. The quality of sleep you get at night can be reflected in how you feel while awake. If you lose sleep regularly or have poor sleep quality, it can increase your risk of health problems, poor coordination, and mental fatigue.

We recommend adults get a minimum of seven hours each night and avoid caffeine once it becomes late in the afternoon. Stick to a routine when it comes to sleep. Cool the room, turn down the lights, and get into bed to unwind at the same time every night. Avoid electronics around bedtime and quiet the room. You can even lull yourself into a state of calm with gentle stretching and mediation.

Using this jar example, we can illustrate the impact of focusing on things important to our lives. When life becomes overwhelming, take time out to reflect on your jar and reorganize it as you desire, and refill it anew.

For more information on how we can help you to live a lasting fulfilling life and our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Saravit Wellness today at (612) 486-2183.

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