Living Well During Coronavirus

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the current COVID-19 crisis presents some unique challenges not seen for generations. Despite the uncertainty, though, living well is still possible. If you take reasonable precautions to sidestep coronavirus infection, you can maintain good health.  

At Saravit Wellness, we specialize in physician-led health coaching that adapts well to the goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic. Siatta Dunbar, DO, takes the lead in providing safe telemedicine services to guide you through this unique time.

Taking stock

To learn how to adapt to COVID-19 conditions, you must define what living well means to you. If you’re a social butterfly, for instance, life in isolation may be stressful because you give up time with friends, while someone with more introverted tendencies won’t find this difficult at all.

Include your mental health in your wellness overview. Often, change is upsetting, but for reasons that aren’t always clear. 

Typically, it comes down to feelings of lost control, but by resetting your perspective toward things you can change, you’ll make positive steps toward regaining equilibrium. After all, you have already overcome a lifetime of ups and downs, so remember: You can persevere.

To navigate healthy living during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to understand how the changes affect your life. With this understanding, you have insights and hints about alternative choices.

Maintaining non-virus health

With shutdowns, quarantines, and shelter-in-place orders, a common question is, “How can I be healthy during COVID-19?” 

Being stuck in the house with a loaded kitchen can be a dangerous thing. The temptation to snack out of boredom is real, yet typical snack food is often loaded with poor nutritional choices, full of processed ingredients and refined sugars. Stock up on healthier items instead.

Consider this time an excellent opportunity to learn about foods that boost your immune system as added protection. Don’t forget to stay well-hydrated and get plenty of sleep, both of which are foundational for good health. 

Since the health care system has retooled to handle the pandemic’s effects, other aspects of health have been put on hold. For example, the rate of vaccinations for other diseases are falling as people put off what they deem as nonessential to reduce their coronavirus exposure risk.

The at-home support infrastructure is now more robust than it was in the spring, so there’s no need to postpone medical care you’ve been putting off. This could be regular testing for chronic conditions like diabetes or ongoing care such as physical therapy. 

Medical practices like Saravit Wellness are ready to assist you with living healthy during COVID-19, providing treatment in ways that reduce your potential exposure, such as telemedicine services.

New routines

It’s unsettling when your regular routine is shaken up. Gyms and sports fields may be closed, making it difficult to maintain many of the active aspects of your life. That can lead to bad habits, such as poor eating, staying up late, and becoming more sedentary.

With the new challenges, remaining active is more important than ever, even though it’s harder to do. Substitute walking, running, hiking, but when you’re outside, don’t forget to mask up and respect proper social distancing. Indoors, look online for exercise, yoga, and meditation routines. 

Establish waking and sleeping times, hours for work if you work at home, and a regular meal schedule. Then work exercise and activity into the plan. Taking charge of your routine keeps you on track and in control.

Don’t forget fun

Overall wellness means maintaining your mind, body, and spirit. 

That means recreation and downtime too. If you have trouble filling the hours, consider that hobby you’ve always meant to take up or study a new language. Write social emails or letters to stay in touch with friends. Do that reading for which you could never find the time.

Life, health, and wellness is still about balance. When you need a wellness partner, contact us at Saravit Wellness for help over your hurdles. Call our Minneapolis office directly or use the request appointment tool to arrange a telemedicine consultation.

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