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Bone Marrow Specialist

Siatta B. Dunbar, DO, CAQSM

Sports Medicine Doctor located in Minneapolis, MN

Our bodies naturally desire homeostasis and attempts, at a cellular level, to have balance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cells working in an orchestrated fashion to “heal” damaged tissues and injuries. Unfortunately, there are times that this cellular balance favors inflammation which in turn leads to degradation of tissue, tendons and cartilage. The goal of all autologous cell based therapies is to restore this cellular balance which in turn helps with pain, inflammation, stiffness with the ultimate goal of returning YOU to your activity of choice.

Bone Marrow Q & A

Bone marrow cell therapy is very new and continued investigation is needed and ongoing. The available research has shown that bone marrow cell therapy has made improvements in pain, stiffness and function related to more advanced cartilage damage and osteoarthritis, tendon damage and bone fractures. As with all cell based therapies a comprehensive evaluation will occur to determine the reasons for your pain. Prior to determining if bone marrow is the appropriate biologic for YOUR unique injury or joint disease your already obtained MRI images will be reviewed or one will be ordered and evaluated. Thereafter a specific biologic treatment plan will be developed utilizing the well validated Orthohealing Method algorithms.

What to expect?

You will be placed comfortably on your stomach and either sedating medication through an IV or oral nitrous oxide (laughing gas) will be used to insure your comfort throughout the procedure. Using ultrasound guidance and local anesthetic a needle will be inserted into the back of your hip where the richest reservoir of bone marrow cells exists. These cells, growth factors and powerful proteins will be removed and re-injected the same day into the joint, tendon or bone that requires restoration of the cellular balance to help with pain, stiffness and to improve your function. After the procedure, you will have a brief recovery period and then post-procedure instructions and guidance will be reviewed prior to your discharge home.

Is it right for me?

While early research has shown benefit in treating pain related to more advanced orthopedic injuries and joint disease, bone marrow cell therapy may not be an option if you have multiple medical diagnosis, history of blood cancers or other active cancers.




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