Should You Take Supplements?

The popularity of vitamin supplements seems to change with the seasons. One year vitamin C is all the rage and the next everyone is promoting vitamin D. 

The fact is that your body needs an optimal balance of vitamins and nutrients to support your health, and most Americans are falling woefully short.

At Saravit Wellness, our board-certified family physician and sports medicine doctor Siatta Dunbar, DO, is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine because we believe overall health and wellness starts on a cellular level and with the energy you’re providing your cells.

So to answer the question we pose in the title about whether you should take supplements, the short answer is: only the ones where you’re falling short. Identifying those deficits is paramount.

The state of vitamin deficiency in the United States

If you take a stroll down any grocery store aisle, you’ll see rows and rows of processed foods that contain plenty of calories, but no real nutritional benefit. In fact, 27% of the daily calories that Americans consume are energy-rich, but nutrient-poor.

Diving a little deeper, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found:

More than 94% of the population is deficient in vitamin D 88.5% of Americans don’t meet daily vitamin E requirements 39-52% of Americans fall short on magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A and C

In addition to these vitamins, the report found that Americans also don’t get enough micronutrients, specifically iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc.

As you can see, Americans aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to support optimal health, which explains why conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are on the rise.

Finding your deficits

While the above information is eye-opening, it doesn’t mean you should run out and buy bottles of supplements. We believe in a tailored approach to supplements through our nutritional and wellness program, and we start by thoroughly evaluating your health to identify any potential shortcomings.

As part of this evaluation, we turn to Regenr8, which is a personalized wellness program in which we not only evaluate your nutrition, but also any lifestyle or genetic factors that may be influencing your health.

To accomplish this, we use the Regenr8 Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™ to customize a nutritional formula that’s unique to your needs. 

This superfood nutrition blend is organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan, and you can simply mix it with water or add it to a smoothie or your morning glass of juice.

This personalized approach to your nutritional needs takes the guesswork out of supplements, making life a lot simpler for you because everything you need for optimal health is mixed together in one blend.

If you’d like to improve your health on a cellular level, it starts with improving what you’re supplying your cells for energy. Through our customized supplement program, we can build your health from the ground up. 

To learn more, simply contact us to book a free consultation.

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