Jim G. – Submitted 11/21/19

This is the second time I’ve seem Dr. Dunbar. I have great confidence in her wisdom and expertise. She makes me feel at ease, and does a great job of explaining what is possibly wrong and its consequences. I’d very highly recommend her. JG

Raymond V. – Submitted 05/20/19

So far so good

Kent O. – Submitted 04/12/19

Dr. Dunbar is very thorough, she listened carefully to my concerns, and prescribed a minimally invasive approach to correct the problem.

Janeen K. – Submitted 01/09/19

Excellent, caring treatment

Gary R. – Submitted 01/07/19

Very kind; very caring; lots of explanations; very thorough.

Richard L. – Submitted 01/06/19

All questions answered. All concerns solved.

Christina L. – Submitted 11/26/18

Dr. Dunbar was so incredibly thorough, explained my issues completely, and was friendly, genuine and professional. I’m truly honored to be a patient of Dr. Dunbar!

Sandra S. – Submitted 11/04/18

Dr. Dunbar listens to my concerns and gives great explanations with her feedback.

Mark A. – Submitted 11/04/18

Injection worked good

Ann M. – Submitted 11/02/18

The staff is awesome – very friendly and helpful. I had the injection today and that went so much better than I thought it would. Very little discomfort- everything was explained, so that I understood, by everyone I have been in contact with.

Lauri P. – Submitted 08/20/18

Dr Dunbar is a very professional and friendly Dr that explains things to her patients. I highly recommend her services.

Mike K. – Submitted 06/24/18

Tested and x-rays for lower back issues due to golf. No issued found, recommended stretching and back strengthening. Went from 5-7 on pain scale to 0-2 after 3 consecutive rounds of golf. Took about 3 weeks which was surprisingly fast for a problem that had been getting worse for the last 3 years. Previously unable to play back to back rounds and would be in pain for 2 days afterwards.

Carrie F. – Submitted 06/18/18

Great, she really seemed to listen

Brian G. – Submitted 05/26/18

I had a very good experience. The wait time was minimal, the staff was friendly and I was kept informed with each step of the procedure. Dr Dunbar is very confident and friendly.

Vin N. – Submitted 05/18/18

Thank you for the referrals

Chuck S. – Submitted 05/02/18

I find Siatts’s professional knowledge, demeanor, and patient care to be outstanding.

Thomas E. – Submitted 04/29/18

Dr. Dunbar is a wonderful Doctor. She listens and takes the time to hear patient’s concerns. I am impressed with her ability and professionalism to take the time to hear my concerns and questions!

Julie M. – Submitted 04/29/18

She answered all of my questions and was prompt to respond through MyChart.

Donna J. – Submitted 04/27/18

Neck is feeling some better Dr dumbar since injection. I,ll give it the full two weeks the Dr said and get back to you thank you Donna Johnson

Jan B. – Submitted 03/26/18

Dr. Dunbar was very pleasant. She listened to my concerns and Addressed them. She made me feel at ease and did not make me feel rushed.

Kathy B. – Submitted 03/25/18

Dr. Dunbar is the best. I had a syndics injection in the past which was very unpleasant. When Dr. Dunbar did the injection, I couldn’t believe it was over.

Kristina J. – Submitted 03/23/18

I really like Dr. Dunbar; she listens, comes up with solutions and acts on them.

Kristina J. – Submitted 03/13/18

Dr. Dunbar is wonderful. I put off shots in my knees for years out of fear, having had them on 3/12/18 I can say I wish I had done it YEARS ago. Thank you Dr. Dunbar!!!

Karolee A. – Submitted 02/14/18

Dr. Dunbar and her staff are professional and caring. Her positive personality makes visits cheerful.

Russell M. – Submitted 02/12/18

I was very impressed with her, she is very kind,and caring,gentle. She needs a new assistant the one she has is a smug smart ass!

Judy G. – Submitted 02/08/18

I don’t have to wait for any length of time, on time is great. She is knowledgeable, and professional.

Jean Paul C. – Submitted 02/08/18

Everything went according to expectations.

Julie S. – Submitted 02/08/18

Dr Dunbar really spent quality time with me. She answered my questions and even questions I hadn’t yet thought of. Thanks Dr Dunbar!

Jennifer J. – Submitted 02/02/18

Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Dunbar by a fellow runner. She was thorough, presented options A, B, C (should I heal quickly all the way to should I continue to have issues) very clearly. Very thorough exam, asked lots of questions and I felt very heard. She asked me my goals and helped me figure out what to do to successfully complete my first marathon! While I hope I won’t have to go back (due to being healthy!) I know if I do I’ll be in great hands. I’d highly recommend her to others looking for running injury support!