Ivy P. – Submitted 12/01/20

Great program if you’re disciplined. I recommend it highly if you want to get fit, stronger and lose weight. If you couple it with a workout plan, you’re on your way.

Sandra J. – Submitted 11/26/20

Siatta is a great coach, very supportive and really understands your goals and how to get you there. Highly recommend working with her if you want to get on the road to healthy habits!

Dietra W. – Submitted 08/12/20

Dr. Dunbar has a proven love for helping others feel better. She’s provide through her mentorship, and coaching that it’s not too late to live a full and healthy life if I change my mind. This goes deeper than just the physical body, it’s about your mind and spirit and the “why“ of what we do as humans.
Coaching me through has taught me how to better manage things that were impactful to my overall health. I’m at my healthiest weight and my happiest in over 15 years because of her approach and her beliefs about Wellness.

I recommend Dr. Dunbar because she’s provides a gentle push and support to helping me be my best self in more ways than one and does it in a very caring way that is also encouraging.

Thanks Dr. Dunbar. Life changing.

Heidi S. – Submitted 08/05/20

We call her Doctor Coach at our house! I love her client- centered approach to health and wellness. She really listens to my concerns and pushes me when I need a little push to do better. She also accommodates my core beliefs and values. I trust her good counsel and I love what a cheerleader she is for my success. I have lost over 30 lbs thanks to her constant support and fine example.

Jim G. – Submitted 11/21/19

This is the second time I’ve seem Dr. Dunbar. I have great confidence in her wisdom and expertise. She makes me feel at ease, and does a great job of explaining what is possibly wrong and its consequences. I’d very highly recommend her. JG

Raymond V. – Submitted 05/20/19

So far so good

Kent O. – Submitted 04/12/19

Dr. Dunbar is very thorough, she listened carefully to my concerns, and prescribed a minimally invasive approach to correct the problem.

Janeen K. – Submitted 01/09/19

Excellent, caring treatment

Gary R. – Submitted 01/07/19

Very kind; very caring; lots of explanations; very thorough.

Richard L. – Submitted 01/06/19

All questions answered. All concerns solved.

Christina L. – Submitted 11/26/18

Dr. Dunbar was so incredibly thorough, explained my issues completely, and was friendly, genuine and professional. I’m truly honored to be a patient of Dr. Dunbar!

Sandra S. – Submitted 11/04/18

Dr. Dunbar listens to my concerns and gives great explanations with her feedback.

Mark A. – Submitted 11/04/18

Injection worked good

Ann M. – Submitted 11/02/18

The staff is awesome – very friendly and helpful. I had the injection today and that went so much better than I thought it would. Very little discomfort- everything was explained, so that I understood, by everyone I have been in contact with.

Lauri P. – Submitted 08/20/18

Dr Dunbar is a very professional and friendly Dr that explains things to her patients. I highly recommend her services.

Mike K. – Submitted 06/24/18

Tested and x-rays for lower back issues due to golf. No issued found, recommended stretching and back strengthening. Went from 5-7 on pain scale to 0-2 after 3 consecutive rounds of golf. Took about 3 weeks which was surprisingly fast for a problem that had been getting worse for the last 3 years. Previously unable to play back to back rounds and would be in pain for 2 days afterwards.

Carrie F. – Submitted 06/18/18

Great, she really seemed to listen

Brian G. – Submitted 05/26/18

I had a very good experience. The wait time was minimal, the staff was friendly and I was kept informed with each step of the procedure. Dr Dunbar is very confident and friendly.

Vin N. – Submitted 05/18/18

Thank you for the referrals

Chuck S. – Submitted 05/02/18

I find Siatts’s professional knowledge, demeanor, and patient care to be outstanding.

Thomas E. – Submitted 04/29/18

Dr. Dunbar is a wonderful Doctor. She listens and takes the time to hear patient’s concerns. I am impressed with her ability and professionalism to take the time to hear my concerns and questions!

Julie M. – Submitted 04/29/18

She answered all of my questions and was prompt to respond through MyChart.

Donna J. – Submitted 04/27/18

Neck is feeling some better Dr dumbar since injection. I,ll give it the full two weeks the Dr said and get back to you thank you Donna Johnson

Jan B. – Submitted 03/26/18

Dr. Dunbar was very pleasant. She listened to my concerns and Addressed them. She made me feel at ease and did not make me feel rushed.

Kathy B. – Submitted 03/25/18

Dr. Dunbar is the best. I had a syndics injection in the past which was very unpleasant. When Dr. Dunbar did the injection, I couldn’t believe it was over.

Kristina J. – Submitted 03/23/18

I really like Dr. Dunbar; she listens, comes up with solutions and acts on them.

Kristina J. – Submitted 03/13/18

Dr. Dunbar is wonderful. I put off shots in my knees for years out of fear, having had them on 3/12/18 I can say I wish I had done it YEARS ago. Thank you Dr. Dunbar!!!

Karolee A. – Submitted 02/14/18

Dr. Dunbar and her staff are professional and caring. Her positive personality makes visits cheerful.

Russell M. – Submitted 02/12/18

I was very impressed with her, she is very kind,and caring,gentle. She needs a new assistant the one she has is a smug smart ass!

Judy G. – Submitted 02/08/18

I don’t have to wait for any length of time, on time is great. She is knowledgeable, and professional.

Jean Paul C. – Submitted 02/08/18

Everything went according to expectations.

Julie S. – Submitted 02/08/18

Dr Dunbar really spent quality time with me. She answered my questions and even questions I hadn’t yet thought of. Thanks Dr Dunbar!

Jennifer J. – Submitted 02/02/18

Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Dunbar by a fellow runner. She was thorough, presented options A, B, C (should I heal quickly all the way to should I continue to have issues) very clearly. Very thorough exam, asked lots of questions and I felt very heard. She asked me my goals and helped me figure out what to do to successfully complete my first marathon! While I hope I won’t have to go back (due to being healthy!) I know if I do I’ll be in great hands. I’d highly recommend her to others looking for running injury support!