“Great program if you’re disciplined. I recommend it highly if you want to get fit, stronger and lose weight. If you couple it with a workout plan, you’re on your way.”

“Siatta is a great coach, very supportive and really understands your goals and how to get you there. Highly recommend working with her if you want to get on the road to healthy habits!”

“Dr. Dunbar has a proven love for helping others feel better. Coaching has taught me how to better manage things that were impactful to my overall health. I’m at my healthiest weight and happiest in over 15 years because of her approach and her beliefs about wellness. Thanks, Dr. Dunbar. Life-changing.”

“We call her Doctor Coach at our house! I love her client- centered approach to health and wellness. She really listens to my concerns and pushes me when I need a little push to do better. She also accommodates my core beliefs and values. I trust her good counsel and I love what a cheerleader she is for my success. I have lost over 30 lbs thanks to her constant support and fine example.”

“I was told by my Asthma specialist that my breathing test had improved 10 percent because of my weight loss on my belly.”

“I love your creativity in meeting each person’s needs.”

“I have lowered my cholesterol levels, reduced my statin and have quit taking acid reflux medications.”

“My doctors are all very impressed with my weight loss and my physical activity levels. Going from not doing exercise to walking 4 – 4 1/2 miles daily.”

“You have been an inspiration to me. You are always quick to give tips and guidance when needed. Thanks so much!!”

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