The Role of Biologics in Orthopedic Injuries

Most of our patients are unfamiliar with biologics (I’d rather link this back to my website pages that discuss biologics) before they start seeing us. They’re part of an innovative and exciting segment of medicinal practice that has been shown to have a significant impact on pain and decreased function that occurs from orthopedic injuries. Dr. Siatta B. Dunbar and her team are proud to be at the forefront of providing effective biologic services to our patients in the Burnsville, Minnesota, area.

What are some examples of biologic treatments?

There are a variety of biologic treatments that exist. We specialize in the following:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP)

PRP is a biologic treatment that uses a component of your blood called platelets to treat pain related to orthopedic injuries and arthritis.

Bone marrow injections

Bone marrow injections are a form of biologic treatment that involves harvesting cells from your bone marrow. These cells are then used as a powerful treatment for certain injuries such as partial rotator cuff tears, tendon tears and more advanced degenerative joint disease.

Lipoaspirate injections

Like bone marrow injections, lipoaspirate is another powerful treatment that uses cells harvested from your fat.

The therapy that Dr. Dunbar recommends for you is influenced on a case-by-case basis and dependent on the injury or disease you’re suffering from, as well as your overall health.

How can biologics help treat orthopedic injuries?

Orthopedic injuries involve damage to your musculoskeletal system, causing harm to your bones and joints. Sports injuries, and falls are common accidents that lead to an orthopedic injury. 

An especially effective way to treat the pain and decreased function that occurs after an orthopedic injury is through biologics. The power of biologics comes from the healing capabilities provided by the components being used in the therapies.

PRP, bone marrow and lipoaspirate injections all involve utilizing your body’s natural healing elements. This stimulates a healthy cellular balance at the site of injury or within a degenerative joint that has shown to have powerful improvements in pain and returning patients to their previous level of function and activity. These therapies can be targeted to specific areas of your body and used for specific purposes, such as improving pain and function related to arthritis in your knee, hip, shoulder, hands and feet. 

The most important part, and what our patients love most about biologic therapies, is that they’re all-natural solutions. 

If you’re suffering from an orthopedic injury or degenerative joint disease, who has not gotten relief or don’t desire to try cortisone injections due to their harmful effects on tendons and cartilage, call us today for a consultation with Dr. Dunbar.

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