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Dr. Dunbar sitting and expressing gratitude
Dr. Dunbar is happy to have learned how to overcome life’s obstacles



I was born in Liberia, West Africa, and my childhood was completely upended at eight (8) years old when political unrest forced my family to flee the country for America. I witnessed my mother's strength and resilience as she rebuilt our life and family in a new country and culture. My mother emphasized the importance of education, hard work, and community throughout my young and adult life.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with an architectural degree, I built a career in construction management and thrived on collaboration, teamwork, and learning. During those years, however, I  experienced two excruciating losses that changed the trajectory of my life. In 1997, I helplessly watched metastatic breast cancer claim my sister's life at a very young age. The grief sent me reeling physically and emotionally as I struggled through many sleepless, tearful nights. 


it became clear that traditional healthcare focuses on reactive disease management rather than proactive prevention and health."

My desire to gain a deeper understanding of health led me to pursue board certification and specialization in Lifestyle Medicine - which uses evidence-based therapeutic lifestyle interventions as the primary and first choice to treat chronic lifestyle-related diseases. I personally implemented the critical strategies of lifestyle medicine like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. I experienced transformative results - losing 25 pounds, achieving mental clarity, and making fitness gains that enabled me to complete my first marathon at age 50!


Now a triple board-certified physician in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine, my mission is to guide others to make smart self-investments through personalized lifestyle prescriptions and supportive coaching. Having navigated immense hardship, I can empathize with patients' health struggles and equip them with sustainable plans for overcoming them.

Dr. Dunbar at her graduation from the University of Virginia

Four years later, another devastating blow came with the sudden cardiac death of my beloved mother on the very day after she retired. The darkness that seemed to swallow me was suffocating at times. There are months, to this day, I have no memory or recollection of what occurred. I noticed my health and self-care plummeting even further – gaining weight, drinking alcohol, and making poor nutritional and lifestyle choices while rarely exercising. I was struggling to find purpose during those years.

But slowly, I  realized that living fully in my late sister and mother's honor meant accepting 100% responsibility for my choices, which allowed me to start taking back control of my health. I eventually chose to quit my full-time construction job and begin the process of applying to medical school to be a physician. I felt called to help others avoid preventable suffering and wanted to learn the science and art of prevention and healing. 



Your health is your most valuable asset. That's why our founder, Dr. Siatta Dunbar, is passionate about empowering patients to make smart investments in themselves through personalized lifestyle medicine prescriptions.
Just as you invest in stocks and bonds or have a savings account to grow your wealth over time, the healthy habits you build today are essential investments in your future well-being. After facing her own struggles with exhaustion, GI issues, and imbalance, Dr. Dunbar invested wholeheartedly in researching and adopting evidence-based wellness strategies. The result? A vibrant, energized, balanced life where she can model healthy living for her family and patients. 
Dr. Dunbar has worked hard to identify optimal living in sleep, nutrition, movement, stress management, and more. Now, she wants to guide you in making intelligent health investments tailored to your needs so you can reap the rewards through better energy, weight control, performance, longevity, and quality of life.
Don't leave your greatest asset unmanaged any longer! Partner with Dr. Dunbar and start investing in yourself. Say "YES! I'm ready" to take control and create your healthy portfolio today.

Dr. Dunbar is smiling and thrilled that you are here to learn about her life
Dr. Dunbar showing her finisher medial from her first marathon
Dr. Dunbar at the finish line of the Eugene Marathon



At Saravit Direct Health, Dr. Dunbar has realized her life's purpose - helping individuals and communities write healthier life narratives built on self-compassion and resilience, even amidst hardship. She considers it a privilege to walk alongside anyone ready to start investing in their fullest potential for living and thriving. Begin your nourishing self-care journey today.

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