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Physician discussing results and providing a comprehensive preventative exam


Reimagining Primary Care

At our direct primary care clinic, Saravit Direct Heath, in Cedar Mill, Oregon, we go beyond the typical DPC experience to offer personalized partnerships focused on whole-person care through lifestyle medicine. Led by Dr. Siatta Dunbar, our services provide complete preventative care that stands apart.

Saravit Direct health provides preventative direct primary care

(612) 486-2183

Group of satisfied patients who love the dpc model
  • Our physician brings expertise, empathy, resilience, and a healthy lifestyle modeled in her inspirational wellness journey. Having walked through hardship and loss, Dr. Dunbar understands patients' struggles more deeply while providing the tools to overcome them.

  • We help patients make positive, sustainable fitness, nutrition, sleep, and stress management changes. Our goal is to help you avoid preventable illness altogether while reversing conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease through evidence-based lifestyle interventions rather than just medications alone.

  • Every person receives individualized primary care and health coaching that considers a person's unique health history, biomarkers, genetics, risk factors, and personal goals to create tailored treatment plans for optimal results.

  • Our affordable monthly membership means no surprise bills, pre-authorizations, copays, or deductibles. This allows us to focus entirely on building an authentic doctor-patient relationship and providing complete access when our patients need care.

Offering Personalized Care Across a Wide Range of Services

Say goodbye to rushed appointments, enjoy no copays, and hello to a healthcare experience that prioritizes you. Join us and experience primary care as it should be—comprehensive, preventative, inclusive, and focused on your long-term health.


Preventative Exams & Testing

Annual Physicals With Advanced Testing

Comprehensive Health Risk Interventions

Preventative Mental Health Assessment through our partnership with Bruin Health

Dermatology Procedures

Biopsies (shave and punch)

Laceration Repair

Minor Skin Procedures (skin tag removal, drainage of skin abscess)

Cryotherapy (freezing of warts and other non-cancerous skin lesions)

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Dermoscopy and Direct Access to Board-Certified Dermatologists

General Medical Care

30-60 Minute Office Visits

Pre-Op Clearance Exams

Acute Care for Adults & Children

Sports Physicals

Telemedicine Consultations (Phone & Video)


Point of Care Testing

Chronic Disease Management


High Blood Pressure

Mental Health

High Cholesterol

Pediatric Services (Ages 12-  18)

School & Sports Physicals

Sick Child Visits

Non-Covered Services (Offered at Discounted Rates for members)



Durable Medical Equipment

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Euflexxa Injections

Shockwave Therapy

Additional On-Site Services

Nebulizer Treatments

Ear Irrigation

Joint Injections

Physician educating on the importance of prevention and how to treat root cause



While many direct care clinics offer streamlined services, Saravit Direct Health in Cedar Mill, Oregon, provides patient-centered wellness care rooted in preventative lifestyle interventions and coaching for optimal, sustainable outcomes. With comprehensive primary care, diagnostics, and specialty services conveniently under one roof, we can address most of the entire family's health needs.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation!

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Individual Member


Two Household Members

(plus $50/mo per additional household member)




College Student



Enrollment Fees: $90 per Individual or $200 per Family.

Let's Work Together

(612) 486-2183

500 SW 116th Ave.

Suite 222

Portland, OR 97225

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