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Families are happy and healthy because they are getting better more affordable care with DPC



Predictable, flat monthly fee. No surprise bills or copays. Often results in overall cost savings.

Easier access to your physician via phone, text, or email. Same-day or next-day appointments often available.

Longer appointments allow for more comprehensive, personalized care.

Stronger patient-physician relationship due to increased time and accessibility.

Many procedures and tests can be done in-office, saving time and money.

Access to wholesale prescription drugs at a discounted price, potentially saving money.



Unpredictable costs due to deductibles, copays, and potential surprise bills.

Limited access to your physician outside of appointments. Longer wait times for appointments.

Shorter appointments may feel rushed and less personalized.

Limited time with physician may hinder building a strong relationship.

Many procedures and tests require separate visits to specialists or facilities.

Prescription costs can be high, depending on insurance coverage.

Stop spending your life savings on healthcare that is hard to access
Saravit Direct Health is a leader in DPC in Portland, Oregon

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